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Over the course of the series, it’s shown that there’s more to Swiper’s character than an urge to swipe things. In one episode it was revealed that Swiper has a soft spot for puppies, and in another that he likes Cowboy cookies. In a few episodes, he expresses feelings of joy with a fox-like cry of, “Yip-yip-yippee!” In the episode “A Letter For Swiper,” Dora filled in for a delivery bird whose glasses were broken; Dora delivered stickers to Swiper (which were sent by his grandmother), and he thanked her for it without trying to swipe anything. In the episode “Swiper the Explorer,” Swiper helps Dora on her quest to help Baby Fox find its mommy, and Swiper carries the baby fox almost all through the episode. Also in this episode, it’s revealed that Swiper doesn’t speak Spanish, and wishes that he did.


It is revealed that Swiper started to steal when he saw another fox stealing a little train from a child. After that Swiper took away a witch’s shoes and she punished him with a magical curse and told him “You can now be stopped by anyone who says “Swiper no swiping!” three times”.


Swiper is not considered a bad guy. He’s just considered sneaky and he tends to reveal his good side on some episodes.
Swiper lost one of his gloves in the episode The Lost City but got it back.
In the episode, Swiper the Explorer, he interacted with not just Dora & Boots but with Benny, Backpack & Diego.
In the episode, Dora’s Dance to the Rescue, he interacted with Tico, Isa & Pirate Pig.

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