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Heartless is a 2014 Bollywood medical thriller film directed by Shekhar Suman. Shekhar Suman also stars in the film along with his son Adhyayan Suman. The film also features Ariana Ayam, Deepti Naval, Om Puri and Madan Jain amongst others. It released on 7 February 2014, to mixed reviews from critics.

Heartless 2014 Full Movie Download Free

Heartless 2014 Full Movie

The film focuses on anaesthesia awareness, where a patient cannot move or communicate, but is aware to varying degrees of what is happening during surgical procedures.


Several critics have noticed striking similarities between the film and the 2007 Hollywood medical thriller Awake, leading some to describe Heartless a copy of said film.


Heartless 2014 Full Movie Free Online Streaming

A young business magnate Aditya Singh (Adhyayan Suman) is in love with Ria (Ariana Ayam). Aditya requires a heart transplant but refuses due to guilt of killing his father during a boat ride in his childhood.


Heartless 2014 Full Movie

Heartless 2014 Full Movie